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All Seasons Comfort Re-imagined


  • 100% cotton

  • Lightweight

  • Reversible

  • Vocal for local

  • All Season Comfort

  • Make in India

  • Sustainable

  • Easy Machine Wash

Soft organic
cotton dohar

Dohar is the rich Indian version of cover sheet that has several layers of beaten cotton. Dohars are traditionally handmade in many households of Rajasthan. We've heard that dohars were initially made only for wealthy Indian families because the inner filling would be encased in expensive Muslin cloth. Over time, dohars with cotton fabric layers in attractive hand block prints came into existence. Modern dohars are both hand-made and machine-made and have cottony filling to impart body.
In a quest to re-inventing the traditional summer blanket, Oorjaa introduces soft organic Dohars in fascinating block prints on both side for a delightful snuggle & sleep time. Crafted with purest cotton material, these 3 layered Dohars lend themselves as the synonym of cozy companion that drapes you with care and love. They are a perfect for both monsoon and winter seasons, when the temperature drops appreciably. Dohars, today, are also used in modern Indian homes, even in the summer season to sleep in air-conditioned rooms. These are also called 'AC Quilts' as they are thicker but lighter than quilts and can be used all year round.


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