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Sanganeri Hand Block Print Bedsheets

  • pure cotton

  • Eco Friendly

  • Premium Thread Count

  • Vocal for local

  • Fast Colours

  • Make in India

  • Ethically Made

History of
Sanganeri Hand Block Print Bedsheets

The tradition of block printing in Sanganer is said to have flourished under the patronage of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, who invited the block printing artisans from Gujrat and Andhra Pradesh to Sanganer.
Sanganer, a small town close to Jaipur city is a hub of crafts and is famous for producing the most exquisite hand-printed cloth - a tradition that had been maintained for over 200 years. Rajasthan's vibrant and ethnic hand block printed home linen which is ruling global home décor since 12th century from the reign of Indian Royalty comes from the town of Sanganer. The special allure of Sanganeri Hand Block Printing makes this place a prominent destination of Rajasthani textile traditions. The town bustles with creativity as one can see the long sheets of cloth hung to dry in the morning sun.
Traditionally Sanganeri fabric was made on a white background but now to meet global needs many colours are used as the base colour. The Jaipuri, Sanganeri,block-printed bedsheets feature traditional floral patterns, cedars, wild iris and Mughal patterns in lively hues. The wooden hand blocks are carved by the carvers having technical expertise with butas and butis and other floral motifs. The motifs represent our Indian heritage culture, and our royal patronage, which can be easily seen on these SANGANERI Bed Sheets.
The Sanganeri textiles are used for creating wide range of home linens, including bedsheets, bedcovers, table covers, bath linen and a lot more.
Oorjaa is conceived with the vision of discovering & honoring the local and indigenous domestic artisans & craftspeople. That is why our bedsheets are ethically sourced from local artisans. These artisans come from a lineage of traditional artists who are well versed in the process of making supreme quality unique bedsheets. This means, when you choose bedsheets by Oorjaa, you support a family, and help in preserving our unparalleled creative heritage.


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