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The Captivating World of Hand Block Printing

The fascinating floral motifs, animal prints and geometric patterns on hand block print fabrics embrace within them the hues of Rajasthan and more interestingly the untold stories of the artists who paint them. The art of hand block printing involves hand-painting designs on fabric and has been inherited through generations by the people of Bagru & Sanganer in Rajasthan. Here, people were taught this art by their ancestors for more than 300 years.

Hand block printing undergoes multiple stages. It starts by making hand-carved blocks of wood, preferably a rosewood block. Once the design has been carved, the craftsman does hand sanding to achieve uniformity and a smooth surface and then he coats it with a white paste to further finish the surface for detailed fabric printing. He also soaks the wooden block in oil, so that there are no cracks, and then his block is finally ready for printing. Finally, he dips the block in dye and stamps it onto long lengths of fabric. 

Through Oorjaa, we discover the authentic hand block printing artists and endeavour to provide the artisans and craftsmen access to a larger marketplace and a fairer price for their block prints, not only by providing them with the platform to showcase what they make but also by helping them with ideas to innovate and create prints that appeal to changing tastes and modern preferences, for global buyers.









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