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The feather touch of warmth

Jaipuri Razai

  • Pure Mulmul cotton

  • Lightweight

  • Handcrafted

  • Vocal for local

  • Ethically made

  • Make in India

  • Sustainable

  • Washable

History of quilts

The finest examples of superior workmanship from Rajasthan are the Jaipuri Razai! The light weight yet super warm Jaipuri Razai was designed by the nomads who had to travel across the Thar Desert, which turns unbearably cold during nights. All thanks to the legacy of skilled artists who have been putting in tremendous efforts to fashion this unique handmade creation. Jaipuri Razai not only has incredible aesthetics but amazes everyone with its light weight and superior capability of keeping warm even in harsh winters. A Jaipur razai, also popular as 100 gram Razai is designed intricately, as it guarantees luxurious warmth! However, this warmth costs
tremendous labour and tedious procedures carried out by hand. HANDMADE- that's what makes them unique.
Handspun and hand block printed with natural colours, each Oorjaa quilt is the result of 10-12 days of meticulous processes that involves carding, quilting and hand block printing.
As much warmth and comfort Hand Block Print Quilts provide, the hard work of quilt artisans is identified by our team for Oorjaa! As an initiative to keep the authentic handmade Jaipuri Razai alive, we will ensure that these talented artisans get a platform to showcase their journey and their talent.


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