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Oorjaa is envisioned by Pathfynder, a team of individuals who travelled and closely witnessed the cultural heritage & handicrafts of Rajasthan and beyond. A global Brand Consultant, which is listed among India's top 10 Branding Consultants in 2021, has been helping Businesses through One-Off Branding and Strategies for over a decade.

Acquainted with the abundance of talent and expertise of Rajasthan's craftsmen, artisans, musicians, and traders, We stands with 'Vocal for Local' and comes forth to empower the people who are nurturing the traditional crafts, historic handicrafts, and different art forms.

  • Oorjaa radiates energy
  • Oorjaa is everywhere
  • Oorjaa is positivity
  • Oorjaa is light

OORJAA is a word of Hindi language that translates to 'Energy' and is inspired by the energy of Lord Shiva and his shakti. The orange circle depicts the energy or shakti of Lord Shiva that radiates the light of positivity and encourages to bring change. Lord Shiva's third eye sees beyond what's visible. We know that our homeland, which people from far away see as barren land, is truly capable of offering far greater things than what's visible to all. Embracing the same power of positivity, we open the doors of opportunities to bring change through your contribution in saving the dying art & craft of Rajasthan through Oorjaa.

Soul of Rajasthan

Cocooned in a nest of undying spirits, there are millions of souls who wake up every day to see the sunshine and feel its energy surge through them like a withering floret that lay waiting under a sky full of stars. Every living soul on this planet is born with relentless energy and unusual power to do something which has never been done before. Some are illuminated by the outer light, whilst others are empowered by the energy within. En route to this journey of finding themselves, they stumble across obstacles and some succumb to the ordinary and create wonders. And then some appreciate, value and embrace these extraordinary individuals' art and surround their environment with those vibrant positive energies. To identify these special souls and ignite the passion sparking inside them, Oorjaa comes forth to unfold these inspiring stories through a conventional platform that ignites the change in fashion and lifestyle circuit of the country.



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