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Hand Block Print Kurtaspage differ

An undying traditional art for modern silhouette

Hand Block Print

  • Organic Colours

  • Handcrafted

  • Vocal for local

  • Ethically made

  • Make in India

History of
Hand Block Print

Rajasthan is popular as a textile hub with hand block printing being one of the most celebrated handicrafts, here. The process of hand block printing flourished since the 12th century when this art received a royal patronage. Today, the hand block printing is ruling modern fashion for every day and occasion wear. It is primarily practiced by Chhipa community from Bagru and Sanganer.
Rajasthan's rich culture is showcased creatively through its textiles, intricate prints, traditional fabric, and diverse patterns. The hand-crafting skills of our craftspeople create wonders when it comes to the exceptional art of hand block printing. Hand block printing undergoes multiple time-consuming stages. It starts by making hand-carved blocks of wood, preferably a rosewood block. Once the design has been carved, the craftsman does hand sanding to achieve uniformity and a smooth surface and then he coats it with a white paste to further finish the surface for detailed fabric printing. Finally, he dips the block in dye and stamps it onto long lengths of fabric.
These artisans come from a lineage of traditional artists who are well versed in the process of making supreme quality merchandise. Through Oorjaa, we provide them the access to a larger marketplace and a fairer price for their work. We also help them with ideas to innovate and create prints that appeal to changing tastes and modern preferences. This means, when you choose hand block print shirt or kurta by Oorjaa, you support a family, and help in preserving our unparalleled creative heritage of hand block prints


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