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Celebrating the Art of Handcrafted Blue Pottery

Having travelled through the generations of royal art and culture, one of the most prolific arts of our Jaipur city is Blue Pottery. This art enjoyed royal patronage since the days of Sawai Ram Singh II, later the craft was kept alive by patrons like Rajmata Gayatri Devi.

The meticulous art of Blue Pottery encapsulates the spirit of painting, carving and moulding altogether. Embellished in floral motifs and beautiful hand-drawn designs with natural colours and substances, this is an art form that stands distinguished from all other forms of pottery owing to its usage of special dough. It is the only pottery in the world that does not use clay.

The art of Blue Pottery is a time-consuming and tedious craft as each step of moulding, crafting and painting is done carefully through hands. Earlier the art was confined to making large vases, plates and pots but slowly with more refinement, new designs and home utility products the Blue Pottery today is thriving in modern homes. When we met the Blue Pottery artisans, we found that due to its lengthy and meticulous process production is small but interestingly the demand for this hand art is from around the world. Through Oorjaa, we aim to bring the traditional art of Blue Pottery into the mainstream from the remote parts of Rajasthan and support these artisans in having a sustainable livelihood. At the same time, OORJAA aims to showcase Rajasthani craft to the national and international markets. Lastly, nothing can be compared to the contentment that one gets after buying handcrafted blue pottery. OORJAA is proud to gather some gorgeous blue pottery collections in a myriad of colours and patterns for your home decor.

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